A “mom fail” moment


I’m just gonna lay it out for real here. Earlier this week I had a total mom fail moment. Hazel has recently mentioned once or twice, with no emotion, that there’s a girl in one of her classes that doesn’t like her. According to Hazel she says mean things to her and makes faces at her.

kari-hazelThe first time Hazel mentioned this, she was upside down with her legs kicked up the wall in a handstand. The second time, twirling through the house in the sparkly way that she does things, with a cartwheel to sprinkle a little happiness on top. Then the third time in the car on the way to school…. I stopped her and looked at her and said, “the next time that girl says something ugly to you, just say ‘bite me'” (This is Kari without Jesus all the way. Pride rears its ugly head). Hazel looked a little confused, the sparkle left her eyes for a fraction of a second…. then the sparkle came back, she shrugged her shoulders and started giggling about something else.

I realized in this moment that she doesn’t care that the little girl doesn’t like her.
This got me thinking about who the stronger one really is? Me or Hazel?

1 Timothy 4:12 says this:

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

Hazel is so pure. In a world where she is bombarded by images, expectations, and attitudes, she does cartwheels, sparkles and twirls. She is experiencing freedom on a level that has taken me years to understand. Freedom that truly only comes from one source. How incredibly humbling to have my daughter minister to me in the ways of freedom. Freedom to love, freedom to have joy, freedom to be, and freedom to allow someone else the freedom to not like her without feeling the need to seek acceptance. Hazel also set an example in speech, conduct, and love. See somehow she understands that she’s not here to please others. So if this little girl chooses to not like her, that’s ok! As long as she is living for Christ, and is truly pleasing Him, it’s really ok if no one likes her.

We’ve all felt the sting of rejection. So did Christ. He was betrayed, rejected, and crucified; yet He never sinned. He never defended himself…. (He never ever said “bite me”) Who then are we to assume that everyone has to like us and agree with everything we say or do? Who are we to decide that we don’t like someone if they don’t like us?

After thinking about this for a while God whispered this to my heart:

“Beloved, if you’re living for me, you can interchange the word rejection for protection. See when you commit your relationships to me, I close doors and open doors. Embrace rejection humbly, but don’t think that I love those who reject you any less than I love you. My ways are always higher, and it’s not your job to understand. Your only job is to trust in me.”


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