At Northstar we take the command to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ seriously. It is important that every Christian understands that  living the Christian life is not about a one-time decision to trust in Christ, but a lifetime process of growing in likeness and maturity to Jesus (Romans 8:28,29). With this in mind, the phrase Think 28 has become a motto for our church family. Think 28 refers to two Scripture references: Matthew 28:18-20 and Colossians 1:28 which are commands given to the church to make disciples that grow into spiritual maturity through a love relationship with Jesus Christ.

Northstar seeks to be obedient to these commands by creating a discipleship culture in which we invest in others relationally, in the power of the Holy Spirit and reliance on God’s Word. Our desire is to see others grow to maturity and multiply their lives.

D28 logoThe primary avenue in which Northstar is trusting God to create this culture of discipleship is named D28. The D28 Discipleship Ministry is a  group of 3-4 people who study through foundational skills for Christian living as well as a specific book of the New Testament. Through participating in D28 you will be challenged through your group to grow in your love for God, understanding of the Scriptures, prayer life, ministry skills and much more.

Some Quick Facts about D28

  • Groups of 3-4 (One leader)
  • Groups meet at least once a week.
  • 10 sessions
  • Men with men, women with women
  • Our current session is D28 Foundations which prioritizes “how to study the Bible” and “how to share your faith” as well as studying the book of Ephesians.
  • Places a high value on replication of D28 group after each person has finished.

Our next session of D28 will begin in January 2018.

Interested in being a part of a D28 group?

Interested in leading a D28 Group?