New Member Spotlight: Stephanie Lomeli

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In this Member Spotlight, we are introducing Stephanie Lomeli. She attended our Discovering Northstar Dinner in October and turned in her member covenant that evening.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a Navy military brat (mom and dad) so I grew up all over the United States and was fortunate enough to live overseas in Japan and Guam. Though moving every 2 years was challenging at times, I truly loved learning and adjusting to new cultures and meeting people with different backgrounds! Being now active duty myself in the Marine Corps, teaching and serving as the Operations Officer for the Navy ROTC at Tech brought me to Blacksburg. A coworker of mine, Mike May, invited me to Northstar and now I am a happy member. I’m also in grad school studying functional nutrition in relation to disease. 

How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time doing fitness related activities, spending time with my awesome friends and reading.

What is your favorite family tradition?

My favorite family tradition is battling my older sister in Scatagories every Christmas Eve, we play for hours!

Where is the best place in Blacksburg to go out to dinner?

My favorite place to eat in Blacksburg is 622 North, I’m also an avid bruncher in multiple locations.

What is your favorite thing about Northstar?

My favorite thing about Northstar is without a doubt the community! I felt so warmly welcomed by the people and members of Northstar, especially my small group, go team Smith! I also very much appreciate that Northstar preaches Jesus and the word, can I get an amen?!

What is one thing you have learned since coming to Northstar?

One thing I have learned about Northstar, more so, what I have really witnessed at Northstar is how the body of the church can come together to serve one another and God. This example has taught me to challenge myself in stepping out in faith to serve in areas of need. I’m really looking forward to serving with new friends!

Where you are you currently serving in Northstar and what is it like to serve there?

I have served with set up/tear down. It was a fun and humbling experience; I definitely plan to serve again and in other areas of need!

Make sure to tell Stephanie how thankful you are that she’s a part of our Northstar family. You’ll see her at GAP events and as a regular of the Smith’s small group.

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