Meet Matt Simpson

Aaron Peck Blog

Though Pastor Appreciation Month is technically over, we still want to take time to appreciate and get to know our church staff. Today we get to know Matt Simpson!

mattwebWhat do you do at Northstar?

GAP Minister

Where did you attend school?

Liberty University

What was your major/minor?

B.S. in Speech Communication with a minor in Biblical Studies

What is something very few people know about you?

I grew up on a farm where we used horses, kind of like the Amish do. We had electricity, but I did have an Amish hat, until it got run over by a manure spreader.

Tell us about your family.

I am the oldest of eight kids, and we were all homeschooled K-12. It was pretty nuts growing up with so many kids in the house, but super rewarding and helped me learn patience, grace, wrestling techniques, and basic first aid.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Disciple. Ginger. Carnivore.

What is your favorite book?

Besides the Bible, the book that probably rocked me the most early in my walk was Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler. It may not be my “favorite,” but it definitely changed my perspective more, in a way few other books have.

Describe Northstar in three words.

Christocentric (it’s a word, look it up). Authentic. Communal.

What brought you to Northstar?

I was kind of burned out on church, but when my family moved to the NRV, my sister Taylor pushed me to find a church to plug into. I shopped around for a little bit, but when I came to Northstar in the fall of 2013, I really felt at home right away. I felt the balance of authentic community without sacrificing biblical truth, and that was refreshing to someone that wanted to pursue Jesus with a community but was exhausted by trying to fake fitting in with “church people.”

From what Bible verse or passage do you draw inspiration?

I love 1 Peter. A passage that encapsulates why it is so encouraging to me is 1 Peter 1:1-12. The fact that we are “elect exiles” living in a place that is not our eternal home, and although we may experience trials here, if we view them in context of eternity, they become opportunities to continue to rejoice as we continue to grow into a better image of Christ.

Other than Jesus, who is your favorite biblical character and why?

Well, I also love Peter himself. I feel like he is kind of a common answer, but I am so encouraged that even though he could be brash and impulsive, the Lord softened and grew him to become one of the greatest leaders of the early church.

What is something that God has been teaching or showing you lately?

That the Christian life is about sacrifice. Sacrificing my ego, my wants, my desires, even my supposed “needs” and allowing the Lord to care for and transform me.