Meet Alex Kacere


Throughout Pastor Appreciation Month, we’ve taken some time to get to know our church staff. Today we get to know Northstar’s youth minister, Alex Kacere.

alexAlex joined our family at Northstar in 2014. The moment he moved here you could see the love for God he had and that he wanted to share with people that love and the gospel.

Coming all the way from Wooster, Ohio, a true die-hard Buckeye fan, he brought his corny jokes and a love for others, as well as his love for music (especially Taylor Swift).

He goes so far for us in the youth group. All the way from finding funny videos to watch on YouTube to making his own videos and showing us some of his old Facebook videos, just for laughs and enjoyment.

Alex has supported us spiritually, as well as athletically, taking time out of his nights to come see us play soccer, golf, swim, or even run track. You name it and he’s been there.

It’s hard to sum up all of Alex Kacere in three words. But if you had to, it would be crazy, funny, reliable. From taking us to Anderson, South Carolina and spending the whole week with us, to just going to Cookout across the street, he’s going to make sure you have a smile on your face and greet you with a loud hello.

The outstanding love he shows for others rubs off on you. By offering strangers to join in games with us or just making sure everybody is having a good day. Making youth group and church fun from playing games to letting us see if we can define words and share our opinion, making it a very real and personal experience to connect with God.

The patience he shows by putting up with the teenagers in youth ministry, as well as babysitting for Jumpstart kids, is a blessing, as well as a gift.