What to Expect on Your First Visit

Expect your child to be loved.
Expect your child to have fun.

When you arrive to Northstar. Please let our parking attendant know you are a first-time visitor, and they will guide you to a visitor parking spot. When you come through the Main Entrance, you can stop by the Welcome Desk, and someone will show you to our Northstar Kids Check-In.

First Time Visitors:

KidCheck is our online check in system for Northstar Kids. If this is your first time with us, you can create an account ahead of time and we will help activate your account once you arrive at our Northstar Kids Check-in area.

To create a Kid Check account:
  • Download the KidCheck app to your phone.
  • ONE parent add children to your account - if both parents add children it will create duplicates.
  • The other parent should create an account as well, just don't add children.
  • Parent that adds children can make other parent authorized guardian to pick up.
  • You can add other authorized guardians to pick up your child.
  • Please be sure to fill out all information on children including birthday, grade, allergies, etc.

Please stop at the Kids welcome area, and we will print out your check in stickers for you and guide you to your children's classrooms. You will use one of the security stickers given at check in to pick up your child after the service. You will also receive a text with the same code.

We hope you will enjoy the worship service and rest assured, we will notify you by text if your child has a need during the service. Our hope is that you feel welcome and at ease with leaving your children in our care with our amazing volunteers!

During this time of COVID 19 we are taking the following steps to keep your children and families safe:
  • Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized.
  • All volunteers must wear masks.
  • All children Kindergarten-5th grade should wear masks.
  • Children from different families will stay 3 ft. apart (as much as possible).
  • No snacks at this time, children must have labeled bags, bottles, water bottles, etc.
  • Parents must drop children off and pick children up one at a time at the doorway of the classroom, we are encouraging you not to go into the room unless necessary.
  • Please look over the Sick Child Policy, and do not bring your children to church if they are exhibiting any of the listed symptoms.

Our hope is that you feel welcome and at ease with leaving your children in our care with our amazing volunteers!