Kids’ Camp Follow Up Ideas for Parents

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glitter and glueThe glitter and glue have settled and life in the children’s ministry department has gone back to normal (as normal as can be in our office!). Northstar Kids’ Camp is over, but our hope is that it was the beginning of a new spiritual spark in your child’s life.

Whether their favorite part of camp was worship, games, crafts, hearing the Bible stories, small group time or just time playing on the playground, our prayer is that they learned more about Jesus, who He is and His love for each of them.

So what are some ways you can continue to carry over and talk to your children about things they learned at camp so the spark doesn’t burn out?


kids singing preschool

You may have heard your kids singing some of the songs we learned at camp around the house or in the car. The curriculum we used offered some incredible music the kids loved. Singing these songs is not only adorable, but impresses truths about who God is in their minds. Here are a few of the songs we used that you can purchase on iTunes.


reading bible

At camp this year we focused on stories from Acts to learn a new bottom line each evening, you can reread these passages with your children and then talk more about the bottom lines from each day.

Day 1

Bible Story: Paul’s Conversion, Acts 1-3, 9:1-9

Bottom Line: Who is God? If you want to know who God is find out about Jesus.

Day 2

Bible Story: Paul and Silas, Acts 16:16-40

Bottom Line: If I follow Jesus will things get better for me? It’s not about me but what God is doing through me.

Day 3

Bible Story: Mars Hill, Acts 17:16-34

Bottom Line: How do I know following Jesus is the right way? Jesus is the only way because he rose from the dead.


memorizing scripture

Each day at camp, we practiced our memory verse for the week. You can continue to practice this at home with your children. Our hope is that they will have these verses sketched in their hearts and remember God’s promises to them for much longer than a week at camp.

Elementary Verse:

“When you walk, nothing will slow you down. When you run, you won’t trip and fall. Hold on to my teaching and don’t let it go. Guard it well because it is your life.” (Proverbs 4:12-13)

Preschool Verse:

“Walk in the way of love just as Christ loved us.”   (Ephesians 5:2)

Try one or all of these ideas at home to help remind your kids about the truths they learned at Walk this Way Northstar Kids’ Camp. Our prayer is that your kids will continue to learn more about Jesus and ask questions sparked by their week at kids’ camp!