Immeasurably More series and building campaign


Immeasurably More“It is with enthusiastic humility that we embark, led by our Leadership Board and pastor, on a significant challenge for our church.”

This fall will mark one of Northstar’s most significant milestones as we enter into an initiative to raise funds for our future ministry center. From September 13 through November 8, Northstar will be led through a season of prayer, challenge and commitment to its future in a series called Immeasurably More. Based on Ephesians 3:20-21, the focus will seek to encourage our current members and attenders – as well as our “alumni” – to embrace how much God has blessed us by being an “immeasurably more” God.

The series will begin on September 13 with Vision Sunday [podcast here], as lead pastor Jeff Noble communicates the vision for Northstar’s future ministry center. There will be four messages:

On Commitment Sunday, October 25, our members and attenders, friends and ministry partners will turn in their gifts, pledges and commitments for a three-year period. Two weeks later, on November 8, we will publish the results of what’s been given and pledged on Celebration Sunday.

A permanent home for Northstar Church has been in the planning for a long time. Our church is excited about the days ahead and how they will shape our future. In the past 12 years since Northstar began, we’ve seen thousands of people come through our doors as we’ve worshipped together in Blacksburg Middle School. We are eager to see the impact of God’s work among us as so many of you prayerfully contribute to the minister center fund.

God has given us immeasurably more. It’s our expectation to see His provision in “more” ways in these days.

Please visit the campaign website here!