Immeasurably More campaign and Covenant Renewal schedule adjustment


Commitment and CovWhat a quirky event that happened this past Sunday with the power going out BMS, forcing us to cancel both services. We are so thankful for your flexibility and your ability to get the word out so quickly.

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Many of you demonstrated practically the idea of being the church this past Sunday as you spent intentional time together. We are joyful and encouraged by the stories that we heard.

As a result of canceling this past Sunday, here’s the revised Immeasurably More campaign and Covenant Renewal Sunday schedule:

  • Sunday, October 18: Immeasurably More Contentment
  • Sunday, October 25: Commitment Sunday & Homecoming (One Service, 10:00 a.m. at Blacksburg High School)
  • Sunday, November 1: Covenant Renewal
  • Sunday, November 8: Immeasurably More Celebration Sunday