HMO Spotlight: Rebecca Lansford

Aaron Peck Blog

Rebecca Lansford has been a member of Northstar Church for six and a half years and is involved in the GAP ministry, serves as the GAP small group leader coach, serves in children’s ministry, and is currently being discipled by another Northstar member. Rebecca works with Cru, a campus ministry present at Virginia Tech. I’ve asked her to share a little more about Cru and her role there.

What is your job title with Cru?
Senior staff is my official job title and women’s coordinator is my role here at Virginia Tech.

What is Cru’s vision/purpose?
Cru’s vision is that every student, faculty, and staff would know someone who truly follows Jesus. Our mission is to be a community where the Gospel captures hearts, transforms lives, and launches men and women into a life-long adventure with Jesus Christ. We want to send Hokie laborers to the world, to reach the world with the Gospel!

Describe what your job involves:
The aspects of my job that take up the majority of my time are the women’s coordinator role and discipleship of student leaders. As the women’s coordinator, I coordinate the women’s Bible study leaders and discipleship of women in the movement. I desire that all of our leaders would feel equipped to lead and cared for in their leadership. I’m also privileged to disciple many of our senior female leaders. I get to be a part of their training and growth in the Lord, as well as in their leadership skills. I also coach the community team, share my faith a ton, teach students how to initiate spiritual conversations, lead a Bible study for Latino students, and help plan different major events throughout the year.

What is your favorite part of the job?
I love teaching from the Word. I love those moments when I get to see a woman understand something in the Word for the first time or in a new way. I love seeing the Lord give them understanding. I also love challenging women to take steps of faith. Whether it’s to take on a leadership role or share the Gospel with their classmate, I love challenging women to trust the Lord in more ways.

Are there any current projects you’re working on?
Actually, yes! A project I am really excited about! We are partnering with the Indian Student Association to host an Aruna 5k. Aruna is an organization that seeks to free, empower, and employ women who have been enslaved in the sex trafficking industry in India. The 5ks raise funds for this mission and 100% of the registration cost goes towards this international human rights organization. It’s such a cool opportunity to have conversations about why we are doing this – we believe that human lives have inherent value as image bearers of God.

How is Cru structured/what kind of work/events does Cru do?
Another way we phrase our mission is, “win, build, and send.” We want to win students to Christ, build them in their faith, and send them out as laborers for Christ. So everything we do falls under those three elements. We share our faith a ton! Through relational evangelism, spiritual surveys, and outreach events. I would say one of the most important elements of Cru is the community groups. Community groups are organized by year and gender and are entirely student led. It’s a place to build community, study the Word, and pray together. There are also a lot of opportunities for students to GO. There are spring break trips, summer missions, conferences to train them, etc. Our heart is that no student would graduate from Cru, not knowing how to share their faith. Also, because we’re all about sending, we spend a lot of time preparing seniors to leave Virginia Tech and be missionaries in their chosen professions or in full-time Christian work. We also have large group weekly meetings, community events, prayer events, opportunities to connect with international students, etc.

In what ways have you seen God move through Cru this semester?
There’s so many things I could share about what the Lord has done. Probably the most exciting thing is that three sophomore women prayed to receive Christ this semester! Praise the Lord! Something that is really personal to me is that He brought two women who don’t know Him yet to a Destino Bible study. These women have consistently been coming every week to study the Bible and I see the Lord at work to draw them into a relationship with Himself! I’ve also seen Him transform the livers of so many students this semester. Everything from seeing students have a deeper desire for the Word or taking steps of faith to take on a new leadership role or student leaders moving our large group weekly meeting to the Drillfield; it’s been really fun to watch.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I’m so grateful for Northstar and the partnership we have! I cannot say enough how thankful I am for the encouragement, prayers, and financial support they’ve provided. I’m so blessed to call this church home!