Serving Those Who Protect and Serve

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This past week during our small group time, the ladies and I prepared snack bags and wrote thank you cards for each of the officers and staff of the Blacksburg Police Department.

Small groups of Northstar are encouraged to find ways to be the church in our community. After finishing our latest study, I Know His Name: Discovering Power in the Names of God, by Wendy Blight, our small group felt inspired to reach out to the police officers of the Blacksburg Police Department.

Two names from this study, El Roi: The One Who Sees You (Genesis 16:13) and Jehovah Nissi: The One Who Stands Guard Over You (Exodus 17:15) inspired our outreach. Our focus was to not only let these men and women know that we see and appreciate them but, more importantly, our God, El Roi, Jehovah Nissi sees each officer and He is standing guard over them.