Family New Year Resolutions

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Can you believe we are almost two weeks into 2016?! It’s crazy!

We hope that your new year is off to a great start! The Children’s Ministry Team would like to challenge you to make family resolutions this year. Our hope isn’t that you would see this as an opportunity to perfect your family for the next Instagram post, but yet to learn to seek and become more like Jesus every day as a family.

Before you make resolutions for the coming year, take time to reflect on 2015 with your family. Ask your kids what some of their favorite family memories are from the past year or what they feel like Jesus has taught your family this year. (You may be surprised by their answers!)

Once you have reflected on the past year, begin to brainstorm resolution ideas for 2016. Be creative! Remember to make resolutions developmentally appropriate for your child’s age. Finally, create a system to remind each other about your resolutions. Whether it is a calendar or reward chart, track your progress!

Below are a few of our ideas! (disclaimer! Through all of these ideas, we aren’t telling you to spend more money on your family. We are encouraging you to spend more TIME as a family.)

Family Resolutions:

  1. Family Night. Make it a priority to have at least one family night a month. If you already do this, try increasing to twice a month or every week.
  2. Get unplugged. Limit electronic use to allow more time for conversation. (Let your kids hold you accountable for staying off your electronics during family time; they’ll love the opportunity to be the “phone police.”)
  1. Health. Whether it is eating healthy or exercising, find ways to incorporate your kiddos in your health goals! Start by having 15 minutes of physical activity every day.
  1. Read. Not only will your children expand their literary skills, they’ll enjoy the quality time with you! Check out our Children’s Ministry Newsletter for great reading options for your family!
  1. Be good to others. Jesus calls us to be friends to those around us. Start this practice at home with your family by challenging your children to speak encouragingly, to ask politely, and to be kind to their siblings.

Parent Resolutions:

  1. Pray. The most important thing you can do for your child as their parent is to daily pray for them. Lead your kids spiritually, by praying for them daily.
  1. Date night. Set an example to your kids of the priority of your marriage. Take time to invest in your marriage, your kids will thank you! Consider attending the with Marriage Conference this February! (with | a Northstar Church Marriage Retreat)
  1. Have fun! Show your kids that you like to have fun too. Think of creative ways to make memories with your kids that will last forever.

We hope that these tips will help you getting rolling on investing in your family in 2016! Keep us updated on your family resolutions using social media! Use the hashtag #nsbetterfamily!