COVID Precautions 2021


It’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire year of responding to the coronavirus pandemic! We continue to pray for one another, our nation and world. These have been unprecedented days, and our church leadership is grateful for your support and encouragement as we lead forward in challenging times. We are thankful that we see light at the end of this tunnel.

What you need to know

  • We have been meeting in-person since May 31, 2020 after two months of livestream only.
  • We have not had an outbreak (praise God) associated with our gatherings.
  • Our host church, Gracelife Baptist, has also been meeting in-person, with two services in the morning during that time, and they also have not had an outbreak.
  • As we transition into our new facility, we will be practicing cleaning and safety protocols.
  • We are doing are very best to provide an environment that is safe, hopeful and encouraging for everyone.
  • We encourage masks, but we do not mandate them.

Ways we work hard to ensure your comfort and mitigate concerns about the coronavirus

We know a lot more about COVID than we did a year ago. Our staff keeps up with latest news, receives counsel and monitors the experience of others churches and denominational leaders, and we consider recommendations from the Virginia Department of Health and the CDC. We continue to work hard to provide gatherings that enable all of you – with a wide range of concerns about COVID responsiveness – to gather together in person.

  • RSVP. As we prepare to move into our new facility, it’s very important that you register to attend. Our in-person worship attendance has steadily grown, and especially as we move into our new facility, we need to be aware of the amount of people planning on attending to monitor needs for overflow space and possible alternative services. The link to RSVP is
  • We encourage social distancing. It’s not that we don’t want to greet you with a hug and handshake (or holy kiss), but on Sundays we bump elbows or simply wave vigorously at you. 😉
  • Masks. We encourage you to wear masks, but we do not mandate them. We do have masks available at the entries if you need a fresh one.
  • Cleanliness. Before (and between) our services, we disinfect all chairs with an aerosol spray solution. Everything that has frequent contact is wiped down before you arrive. We also have hand sanitizing stations available.
  • Bulletins or handouts and offering. Most often, we have guest cards and other materials already on your seat, waiting for you. These days, we are not “passing the plate.” Instead, we have offering baskets stationed by the doors so that you can give on arrival or exit. (You can always give online.)
  • Space. Again, it’s not that we don’t love you, but we have increased space between rows, and if you’re not familiar with someone, we ask you to sit with two chairs between you. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to families, roommates or friendship “pods.”

Growing forward

We continue to reassess our preparedness in light of recommendations and counsel. We cannot provide a hospital-like environment, and we regret that not everyone will feel completely comfortable in these times. We are humbly and diligently seeking to minister to as many as we can in the name of Jesus.

We do encourage you to come and worship with us. If you are battling fear or anxiety over coming, please contact someone in leadership for encouragement or counsel. Otherwise, stay home and worship online with our livestream.


  • Location: Our new church home! (3929 Prices Fork Road)
  • Time: Beginning April 4, 9:00 & 11:00 a.m.
  • Children’s Ministry: Please show up early to check your children at the Welcome Desk. Come in the main entrance on the left side of the building.
  • RSVP for in-person attendance at

Online options

We also encourage you to make use of our online interactions to maintain community, submit prayer requests, etc:


After being challenged in court last year, new guidelines and clarifications were issued. Churches and religious services of 250 people or fewer are no longer subject to any mandatory restrictions in the Executive Orders other than EO-63 (encouraging facemasks).

While EO-63 remains in effect, the more restrictive EO-67, which includes onerous restrictions on religious services during Phase 3 on page 10, will no longer be enforced for gatherings of up to 250.