Connect 88-WWJD: Seek the Father

Erin Petersen Blog, College Ministry

Connect 88 this week was amazing! We had a wide variety of food for breakfast with bagels, breakfast sandwiches and yogurt parfaits. It was a FULL HOUSE with a lot of great discussion.

Faith Story

Mike Jones shared his story with us. Mike is an Arkansas native who came to Blacksburg to work for the Forest Service. His story is one where he has had majors highs and lows and finally realized that God was with him all along the way.

WWJD: Jesus sought the Father

Trey Moore graciously spoke on how it is imperative that we spend time with Jesus. He pointed out various passages where Jesus intentionally found a quiet space to spend time with his Father and how we need to learn from Jesus’ example and make spending time with Jesus our number one priority.

Don’t miss our next Connect 88!

On Sunday, March 18, Neal Nelson will share WWJD: Jesus embraced outcasts.