Clicking, sharing, and commenting for Jesus


Scaggs family

Peyton, Adam, Caitlyn and Harper Scaggs

I always enjoy Member Meetings.  I like the laid-back, informative, prayerful, and fun atmosphere where I get to talk with members and be reminded what has been going on and what is coming up in the life of my church.

But I really enjoyed the member meeting this past Sunday, February 21.  Caitlyn Scaggs used her business skills to serve Northstar and help us understand how our web and social media presence helps us reach more people in more places with the great story of Jesus.

Caitlyn’s presentation was full of great content. Most of us were introduced to a lot of new terms: content marketing, thought leadership, and Facebook. (Just kidding about Facebook)

We were also inspired and encouraged about how we could help our church in its intentional web ministry. Things like:

  •  Using the Northstar hashtag #dontgobe when posting content or pics that relate with something experienced at church or to help promote the church’s ministries
  • Sharing (not just “liking”) Northstar blog post and updates across your social media accounts
  • Serving on the Creative Content Team.

Our church owes a big thank you to Caitlyn for using her skills to serve us. I know more people will hear about Jesus and the difference He can make in their life through our intentional use of the interwebs!