Childish Actions


As my 6 year old son was stepping off the bus, the driver, Miss Carolyn, waved me over. As I got to the doorway, she said that she just wanted to tell me how proud she was of him today on the bus. A kid that sits near Elijah has been picking on my son, calling him names, and I don’t know what all else. By the school’s definition, it is bullying. I was thankful to hear that some other kids took up for my son. At some point, either one of these kids or Miss Carolyn told the instigator, “No one likes a bully.” Elijah spoke up and said that he likes the bully, because he goes to church and he learned to love everyone. Maybe it doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, but it was a proud mama moment for me. I love knowing my son is learning that, despite being picked on, he can still love that person. It doesn’t make the actions right- but he can try his hardest to treat that person as Jesus might. I don’t know if Elijah’s statement had any affect on this other boy. I hope so. But if not, it definitely left an impression on Miss Carolyn and some of the other kids on the bus. Elijah witnessed in his own way, with a sureness that I do not currently possess. I hope to one day. In the meantime, I will work towards being more like my son. I thank his Jumpstart teachers for using their precious time to instill godly qualities in him through their patience, teaching and by example. Thank you for following the leading God placed in your hearts. I thank Hannah Sewell, for making children’s ministry decisions with the wisdom God has gifted her. I praise and thank my Heavenly Father for them and for my son- even for the action of bullying, without which a 6 year old might not have been able to share Christ’s love as effectively.
Matthew 5:44, Isaiah 11:6