Carol Lee Donuts, #dontgobeaster, and Northstar’s Impact

Megan Evans Blog

Being only a few days away from our 15 year Homecoming and Groundbreaking ceremony, I have caught myself on more than one occasion feeling nostalgic. John and I have been coming to Northstar since 2014, and even as I write that, it feels surreal to know that Northstar has been our church home for over four years. 

And what an incredible four years it has been. In my four years at Northstar, I have consumed approximately 100 whole Carol Lee donuts! I have participated in five #dontgobeaster pictures. I have laughed at Jeff’s jokes, and rolled my eyes at Jeff’s “jokes.” I have served on the Sunday Serve Team, in Children’s Ministry, in College Ministry, and even in Youth Ministry. I have eaten plenty of Laura Cook’s famous cookies. I’ve even made a guest appearance at the Shockley’s small group where the dinner beats most every meal you can buy at a restaurant.

I went from attending, to becoming a member, to being a part of the staff team. I went from being opposed to church and “church people” to truly understanding the value of the community, family even, that I have at Northstar. I’ve met faces on Sunday morning as people have come in to Northstar for the first time, developed loving and meaningful friendships, and then helped those same friendly faces pack their moving trucks and watched them leave town.

I have become a mother. I have watched my husband and one of my best friends commit their lives to Jesus and be baptized. I’ve led my first ever bible study. I’ve attended three marriage events that encouraged me to grow in marriage the way God intended. I’ve learned how to work through conflict while keeping Jesus front and center.

And here we are in 2018, preparing to celebrate 15 years as a church. While reading back over all of the things I mentioned above, it is easy to gloss over them because they don’t show the true depth of change or measure the impact Northstar Church has had on my life. There aren’t enough words or Northstar culture references that can describe how truly and deeply the Lord has worked in the last four years and used this church to change my life. But I can tell you this, the change is there. The impact is real and deep and meaningful.

My hope is that as we prepare for this upcoming weekend, we won’t get so wrapped up in celebrating the future home of our ministry center that we forget all that God has done in and through Northstar in the past 15 years and all the lives that have been dramatically changed because of the call He placed in all of our lives. 

I encourage you to spend some time thinking about your “Northstar story.” What or who brought you to Northstar? How have you seen God impact the lives of those around you? How have your friends, spouses, and children grown in their relationships with God? 

As you reflect on your time at Northstar, however long or short, may you be drawn into awe and amazement with how truly beautiful the God we serve is and approach Him with a thankful heart for all the ways you’ve seen Him move in and around you.