BIGsmallGroup Electives for July 15 & 22


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Our #BIGsmallGroup on Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m. have transitioned to a time of elective offerings. The next two weeks (July 15 & 22) will have the following opportunities:

July 15 

• MyNorthstar 101 – Jeff Noble
• God’s Heart for the Nations – Jamie Sanchez
• “NOT” Evangelism 101 – Alex Kacere
• 5 Love Languages – Shane & Megan Carver (open to married and singles)
• Prayer – Sarah Bell

July 22

• MyNorthstar 101 – Jeff Noble
• God’s Heart for the Nations -Jamie Sanchez
• “NOT” Evangelism 101 – Alex Kacere
• 5 Love Languages – Shane & Megan Carver (open to married and singles)
• When Helping Hurts – Wendy Moy
• D28 Leader Training – Adam Wilson

In addition to the electives, we’ll hear Carolyn Noble share her faith story on July 15 and Sam Eastridge share his on July 22!


“NOT” Evangelism 101

The truth is, whether we like it or not, we are being intentional in not bringing Jesus into our conversations with friends, co-workers, and roomates. This relationally driven, principle-based, conversation-centered approach will help you redeem the relationships in your life.


Prayer is an essential part of the New Testament narrative and a powerful too for the local church. But how many of us  actually gather in prayer with other believers? This breakout will explore prayer in the scriptures and actually spend time praying!

The 5 Love Languages

Do you get energized when your spouse just sits and listens to how your day went? Do you get frustrated because your friends keep adding to your “to-do” list without offering to help? Does your daughter go crazy when you bring home a small gift, but your son barely notices? Do you get encouraged by a friend’s warm hug when you’re having a long day? Do you ever wonder if you speak a different language than your friends or family? Come join our group for a discussion about why that is and how you can speak the same language!

MyNorthstar 101

Discover how you can use Northstar’s connection website to your fullest advantage by connecting with your small  group, discovering ministry opportunities, keeping up with church events and even managing your giving statement. The number one reason for learning how to use MyNorthstar? It blesses your staff and church leaders!

Helping When It Hurts

We are told all the time by ministry leaders that we need to serve others and be outwardly
focused. But many of us have tried to and it got messy. Most of all we can handle just
“keeping our nose” above water. This breakout will be a discussion on the challenges of serving others and discussing truths and principles that will help us honor God, by serving others in His name.

God’s Heart for the Nations

Missions is not “just a trip” nor is it just a New Testament church concept. Rather missions flows from the Heart of God. This breakout will help Northstar understand the context of the major themes in Scripture and offer some practical ideas on how all followers of Jesus can have God’s heart for the nations.