Big Small Group Breakouts


Last Wednesday, Big Small Group moved into the two week break out training sessions. With August fast approaching, Northstar wants to equip its members with the skills they need to tackled the fall rush. The first week of breakout sessions was incredibly impactful as six amazing people shared what they are passionate about passing on to you. The same sessions will be taught this week and in case you missed them here are some recaps of the topics.

Introduction to Christian Apologetics – Kevin Seaton

Kevin will share his story and explores creation, truth, worldview, etc.

Evangelism 101 – Trey Moore

How to practically engage a neighbor, co-worker, classmate, or family member in talking about Jesus.

Living as Christians in a Hostile World – Callaway Cass

Callaway will share what he learned studying 1 Peter about living in a world hostile to Christ and his people.

Praying Parents – David & Amy Van Covern

This break out will focus on some basic tools for praying for your children specifically and effectively. Plan on spending some time actually praying.

Boundaries – Megan Evans & Erin Peteresen

Have you ever wondered how to love and serve others without being enabling others or being angry and exhausted? Come listen to Megan and Erin as they share what they have learned about this and how setting boundaries helps.

Bible Interpretation 101 – Alex Kacere

A discussion of the basic principles of interpreting and applying scripture. Understanding and applying scripture properly are essential for growing in Christ.

Discovering Northstar – Neal Nelson

Join this breakout to go through Discovering Northstar to learn what unifies Northstar, what we believe, and how you can get connected.