Be Thankfuel 2017

Jeff Noble News

2017 has been a BIG year – not just for our church but our region and nation and world. As we prepare to enter the Christmas season, it seems that commercials and stores (both real and virtual) are skipping Thanksgiving. While our culture may think Thanksgiving is forgettable, as a heart activity it is indispensable. In fact, the sheer act of giving thanks can alleviate stress, reduce fatigue and clear the mind.

The next two Sundays will focus on thanksgiving in this mini-series that is a reboot of our 2015 theme Be Thankfuel. While the message will be new, the theme is the same: giving thanks fuels our lives and prevents ingratitude from ruling our lives.

It will be a wonderful season to invite friends and family to during this special season. Let’s not jump too quickly into Christmas. This series, in fact, will help you enter the Christmas season with a full, prepared, grateful heart. Don’t miss it.


You can listen to the 2015 messages here.