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Lissa is originally from Midlothian, VA, and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and Language at Virginia Tech. Currently, she is a Masters student with Liberty University Online, where she is getting a Master’s degree in Secondary Education. At Virginia Tech she was involved with YoungLife, where she developed a passion for middle school students, and teaching them about how loved they are by Jesus. In her free time, Lissa loves to workout at Tech MMA & Fitness Academy where she teaches a kids’ American Ninja Warrior class, go climbing at Crimper’s Climbing Gym, and do anything outside. In the summers, though you can find Lissa at Lake Gaston where she loves to spend time with her family.

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Reflections on The Chosen, Episode One


We asked Lissa the following question in a small group that was discussing The Chosen, and when she shared what she’d written, we asked her permission to publish it as a brief blog. How did Episode 1 help you think about Jesus’ birth and its impact in a different light? I have always loved the humility and the simplicity in Jesus’ birth …

An Open Letter to New College Students


Dear College Freshman,  In these first few weeks of freedom, you will have a seemingly endless amount of choices to make. Some will be small, like which dining hall to go to for dinner, or whether or not to loft your bed (the extra space will be worth it I promise!). On the other hand, some of these decisions matter …

Passion Week Devotional: Wednesday


This entry is part 4 of 8 in the series Passion Week Devotionals 2020

All too often, the events of the Wednesday of Passion Week are overlooked. It was a seemingly insignificant day in the scheme of events that led to Jesus’ death on the cross. However, it is what’s not directly said about Wednesday, that plays a critical part in Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. There is a general consensus among scholars that it …

The Spaces in Between


I have lived in Southwest Virginia for three years now. Over my time here, I have come to appreciate many aspects of Blacksburg, but what I have come to love most and simultaneously take for granted is that I have a view of the mountains at almost any time. There is something so significant about the mountains. Perhaps is is that …

Reflections on Passion 2019

Blog, College Ministry

Going into Passion 2019, I truly had no idea what to expect. Some knew every speaker and artist that we would be seeing, but I chose the route of simply signing up and rolling with it. The first session, we were led in worship by Sean Curran, and the energy in the arena was something I had never experienced on …