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Marketing missions and New Hope

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I was recently fortunate to travel to the Dominican Republic on a marketing missions trip. It was a truly organic trip– just my dad and me, going to support New Hope Girls, a ministry organization I came in contact with a year prior. On this trip I sat down with women and girls from the barrio who have been affected …

My Workplace Is My Ministry

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This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Faith at Work

Welcome to our Faith at Work series, where Northstar members have an opportunity to share how they are able to share their faith in the workplace and show the love of Christ to the people they encounter every day. Living a life on mission at work doesn’t mean that your coffee mug is covered in scripture or you hold prayer …

Mission Sunday: The Cross & The Nations


“At Northstar, we host an annual Mission Sunday and make it a priority for our church in order to encourage our church family to be the church globally. By highlighting the mission partnerships that we have, it helps the people of Northstar find opportunities to invest their lives beyond the local church. It is a reminder that we are part …

Covenant Renewal Sunday


At Northstar, membership is not simply a roster to which your name is added. We are not a social club meant to provide activities for entertainment. Church is not just a gathering; it is a group of people that have been formed because of what Jesus did on the cross. We are a portion of the body of Christ that …

Immeasurably More: Contentment


This may be the most challenging message in our Immeasurably More series. [podcast here] It is our faith family’s conviction that if we become grounded in how much God loves, how much He has graced us, and the immeasurably more hope we can find in Him, then we will have a renewed affection for Him, and we will experience lives being …

Immeasurably More: Grace


The goal of our Immeasurably More series is for us to work towards finding full contentment in Jesus alone. Our heartfelt conviction is that if we will be renewed in our relationship with Jesus Christ than we will never have to beg for money because generosity will well up from that. We have already talked about Immeasurably More Love and …

Harvest Hoedown | Sinkland Farms


We had an incredible time celebrating fall and enjoying each other’s company at our Harvest Hoedown held at Sinkland Farms in Riner. The night included pumpkins, hayrides, hotdogs, s’mores, a costume contest, line dancing, and lots of laughter. The day started off dreary but by the time our hoedown began the weather eased up–and we were thankful. We are grateful for the …

Member Spotlight: Meet Sarah


Up next in our member spotlight is Sarah Bell. As an invested woman in Northstar, Sarah is a vital component of the Sunday morning prayer team, helps with the building campaign team, and participates in a small group. She also displays her compassionate heart in the community at Winterfrost Farm in Radford, VA, helping with horses that have been rescued. …

Immeasurably More: HOPE


So many Christians these days lack hope. They are stuck in a cycle of hopelessness. We live in a culture that is a hopeless culture. Our culture will attempt to tell you that you will be okay as long as you have money, a good job, a family, your health, a college degree, a car—amongst other things—your hopes will be fulfilled. …