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Youth Camp recap and highlight video

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On June 20-24, Northstar ReVerb traveled to Anderson, South Carolina to experience Crossroads Summer Camp at Anderson University. Northstar Pulaski’s youth group joined us on the trip as well. The Blacksburg campus took 21 students and three leaders while the Pulaski campus took 10 students and three leaders. Crossroads offered a great lineup of preachers, awesome worship, and fun activities for the week. …

Recap: ReVerb Cascades Hike

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On Sunday June 5, Northstar ReVerb and families ventured to Pembroke to enjoy some fellowship, prayer, and to hike the Cascades. 21 of us, including three of our dads and two moms, enjoyed the afternoon together. The hike was  great time of building friendships as we split into groups and hiked to the waterfall at our own pace. There were scheduled opportunities to …

Northstar Youth: April in Review

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Hello Northstar, I am so thankful for the love and support of our youth ministry this past month. As we walked through hurt together, many of you contributed to the healing process. Thank you for the prayers and the encouragement that we do not always hear and recognize. April was a serious month for growth for our whole ministry. Please check …

Grieving the loss of a Christian


This past week has been a struggle for many in Northstar and in the New River Valley surrounding the loss of our brother in Christ, Joe DeWitt. Joe was a fifth-year student at Virginia Tech. He was scheduled to be commissioned into the Army soon and was to be married in six months. I had the honor of knowing Joe …

ReVerb Movie Night

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This past Sunday Night, Northstar ReVerb all met up at Frank’s Cinebowl Theater to watch God’s Not Dead 2 as a group. We had the awesome opportunity to watch a movie that promoted standing up for your faith in Jesus even when it seems like the hardest thing to do. We are continuing to learn that boldness in Jesus – even …

Summer Camp Scholarship Sponsorship

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We are so excited for camp this year! We will be going back to Crossroads Camp, at Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina. Crossroads is packed full of challenging teaching, modern worship, and more things to have fun doing than you’ll be able to get done! We’ll be participating in team competitions. One of our favorite things about this camp …

Reverb – “March in Review”

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Hello Northstar, I am so thankful for the love and support our youth ministry receives from all fronts in our church. Thank you for the prayers and the encouragement that we do not always hear and recognize. Our ministry could not run without our church body being behind us. Please check out our March in Review. newsletter that details some of …

Passion Week Devo: Saturday


Saturday, the day before the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter had to by far be the hardest and loneliest days for Jesus’ followers. Here is a group of men and women who have openly followed the man who was hated by the Romans and the “religious” Jews, and their Messiah had been crucified. They lay in wait for what Jesus …

ReVerb- “February in Review”

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Hey, Northstar! I am so blessed to be your Youth Minister, and I am very thankful to be an influencer in so many of our youth and family’s lives. It is humbling to know that God uses me, just an ordinary guy from Ohio, to share His truths with the world. As our youth ministry continues to grow spiritually and …