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Passion Week Devo: Thursday


This Thursday of Holy Week, also known as Maundy Thursday, commemorates two main events with Jesus and his disciples: The institution of the Lord’s supper and Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. Today we meditate on the profoundness of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples: “Jesus, knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and that he …

How One Family Blessed Nathan and Heidi


We love the many college students at Northstar and are always looking for new ways to support and help them Be the Church. While college students have a place to live, most do not experience the blessing of a true home while they are away at school. Take a minute to hear Nathan and Heidi’s story of how spending time with …

A Recap of Passion Conference 2016

Blog, College Ministry

Contributed by Evin Gladin The Passion Conference 2016 was a spectacular gathering of 18-25 year olds called the “Jesus Generation,” across three arenas and two states, totaling more than 40,000. Speakers from all over the world drop spiritual truth bombs over the course of three crazy days such as: “Come and see, and go and tell. This is your assignment” …

Northstar College: Fall Semester in Review

Blog, College Ministry

College students are an integral part to the culture and ministry of Northstar Church. In our mission to develop Christ following disciples who will Be the Church wherever they are, our Northstar family has been blessed to have so many college students in our ministry. Being the Church in a college town means ministering to college students. Although college students …

December Nights Devotional: Magnifying Christ


The past Sunday night services were special ones as our church family met in Main St. Baptist in Christiansburg for the first time of the year. Northstar College students led the worship service. The night was also impactful because of many new baptisms we celebrated and having the opportunity to worship through taking the Lord’s Supper. Our College and Discipleship …