And the best small group award goes to…


On my way to lunch with friends the other day, the topic of each of our Small Groups came up.  One friend said, “Our small group is the best.”  I agreed with his sentiments. I have been in the same small group with his family for the last two years.  He was right, our group is the best.  Another friend said, “No, yours isn’t the best, because my small group is the best.”  Then the last friend in the group also declared that her small group was the best.

The point is that we each love our experiences in our Northstar small groups.  So, I won’t debate about which group is the best.  Instead, I’ll share illustrations from my small group’s cookout last week of what makes our small group “the best.”

  1. smallgroupHospitality:  The members in our group excel at hospitality.  Week after week, our group members create an environment of hospitality in which we are all welcomed into each other’s lives.  We engage each other in conversation, we follow up with each other on life situations, and we celebrate one another.  As a result, we have created a safe space in which we are “at home” with one another.  We are safe.  We are cared for.  We are loved.
  1. Connection:  Our group’s demographic is diverse.  We have a wide age range amongst our group members.  Additionally, our group is comprised of families, couples, and not-yet-married’s.  And every person in our group is a vital part of the group.  We all interact with one another.  Last night, Ezra gave me a tour of the Yalung home and, most importantly, of the tree fort he shares with his brother, Micah.  Bethany and I shared a s’more with little Savannah.  Kirk taught Carolyn and I about metamorphic rocks (or something like that).  We have built a community with one another that naturally bridges across various stages of life.
  1. Fun.  Whether we are studying a specific book, going through a video series, or having a cook out, we have fun.  We laugh and laugh and then we laugh some more.  We have “inside” jokes that have been built out of silly group moments.  We have built memories we can reflect on. The newest memory is when I fell out of the hammock last night. (true story).  We have learned each other’s conversational rhythms which means we wait in anticipation for Randy’s dry humor that keeps us giggling.  We trust each other enough to be ourselves.

I could go on and on about my small group.  I agree, it is the best group.  But, I also agree with the other two friends who said their group was the best.  And that’s because being in community is how we are meant to live.  We are at our best when we live life with one another.

Comment below about why your Northstar Small Group is the “best.”