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blas 1We first introduced you to Tom and Whitney Blaszak and their adoption story in our last Northstar Magazine (catch up on their story at the link). On Saturday, July 9, Tom brought Hope home to Blacksburg from Ethiopia, completing a four-year adoption saga.

We are grateful to Bethany Teague of WSLS for featuring the Blaszaks in a story that aired last night on WSLS entitled The Long Journey Home. Here’s an excerpt from the story, and we encourage you to watch the video below.

It was a long way home for one Montgomery County family, as they fought for four years to bring back their adopted daughter from Ethiopia.

Tom and Whitney Blaszak went to Ethiopia for the first time more than four years ago on a mission trip.

They said adoption was the last thing on their minds, as they were just in the process of starting their own biological family.

However, all of that suddenly changed, when a six-year-old girl named Tigest walked in, climbed in their laps and stole their hearts.

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  1. I think that it is amazing that Tom and Whitney were willing to fight for four years to adopt their daughter. Usually adoptions from Ethiopia take no longer than two years. Do you know what made the process go for that long? My suspicion is that it might have to do with the UN’s Hague Convention on the rights of children, which is usually why it takes that long in other places.

    1. There were a variety of factors that contributed to their adoption taking four years, some of which included the Ethiopian government rewriting adoption law twice, the United States and Ethiopia adding the PAIR process, and unknowingly spending a year with a corrupt agency as well. In general, the length of time to adopt from Ethiopia has been steadily increasing over the last 4 years as well and the amount of adoptions steadily decreasing (2511 adoptions in 2010 compared to 335 in 2015). More specific details of their story can be found in this article

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