Advent Devotional for December

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The King is coming. Jesus Christ has come and will come again. This is the hope of the Church whom He purchased with His blood. It is the eager expectation and desire of His people.  Advent, formed from a Latin word meaning “coming” or “arrival,” is about the coming of Christ. It’s the traditional celebration of the first advent of Jesus and the anxious awaiting of His second. The season is a time to reflect upon the promises of God and to anticipate the fulfillment of those promises with patience, prayer and preparedness.

Advent Guide

The Advent Guide serves as an introduction to the Advent season to awaken the angst of waiting, longing and yearning for Christ. The guide consists of five weeks of material with each week containing a personal devotional, group devotional and family devotional. Whether you are using this guide personally, with family, friends, a spouse, etc, you can use whichever section fits the best.

Group and Family Devotionals

A number of things compete for our time, attention, affections and resources during the holiday season. In the blink of an eye, the beauty, spirit and intent of Christmas can be consumed by the clamoring of commercialism and activities. A time intended to remember and celebrate the birth of the promised Messiah and look ahead to His promised return can quickly become centered on things that are superficial and temporal. As you think about and plan for the coming weeks, prayerfully consider what you want this season of Advent to be marked by for your group or family.

You can find the Advent Guide at this link. We hope it will bless you as we celebrate the coming of the King.