Acts Reading Plan


Acts SeriesHave you ever been reading through any of Paul’s letters and wondered about the context? Why was Paul writing to the Galatians? Where was he as he wrote a letter to the church at Ephesus? What was he struggling with as he wrote to Timothy?

As we study the book of Acts through our current sermon series, we see Paul and his brothers as they journey from place to place, spreading the gospel of Jesus and leading others into relationship with Him. We also see the persecution and suffering the Paul must continually endure.

You are invited to join us as we read through not only the book of Acts, but also take time to read through the epistles. We hope you’ll be encouraged and challenged by the words of Paul’s letters to the churches and also obtain a better understanding of the historical context as we move through Acts.

Read along with us by downloading the Acts & Epistles Reading Plan. Is God speaking to you as you participate in this study? Share with us in the comments below just how He is moving in your life. We would love to hear your story!