365 New Year Resolutions


365 resolutionsI am not a New Year resolutions kind of person.  Selfishness, envy, and discontentment have been (and remain) a major part of my sin struggle (Heb. 12:4) as a Christ follower. New Year resolutions were more often just another vain attempt to “perfect myself” which quickly became fodder for discontentment (sigh).

Last night (New Year’s Eve) found me having one of those one-sided conversations with God about how much I wished I could “walk” in Him all the time in every situation, enjoy the life He has given me and be gracious and loving towards others. Jesus’ words, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Mt. 16:24) came to mind. I felt like the Spirit was reminding me that I needed to focus more on Jesus and less on myself and trust to Him produce in me what He will.

What would 2016 be like if I were to resolved each morning not to strive toward some goal for myself (even if it seemed good) but rather to focus on following Jesus without thought to all my imperfections, shortcomings, and sin?

Maybe I would find “life” in 2016 (see Matthew 16:25).  I thought “I am going to do it, I am going to make a resolution for the new year” – actually 365 of them.  It is about noon on January 1, 2016 as I am writing this, and I will say that so far I have made breakfast, dealt with a fussy 14-month old, cleaned the kitchen, changed three diapers, and written a blog post with a better attitude and more peace than I had many days in 2015.  Now only 364 days to go.

If you read this please ask me how I am doing with my resolutions for the new year next time you see me.