Who Is Our Dodgeball Champion?

Blog, College Ministry

On the evening of Friday, February 3, something exciting was happening in Blacksburg. Exciting happenings on Friday nights in a college town are sure to be a rare occasion. But it happened.

At Kipps Elementary School, students from all walks of life gathered to take part in a game that is traditionally saved for the schoolyard: Dodgeball. Connect, Northstar’s college ministry, billed this event as the Dodgeball Championship Tournament of the WORLD! And it did not disappoint.

“This was our outreach event,” said Erin Petersen, Northstar’s College Minister. “It was an opportunity for our students to reach out to their niche and invite people to a fun event.”

Going into the tournament, Erin wasn’t sure what to expect. “We wanted to reach students who had never heard of Northstar,” she explained, sharing that there were many students in attendance who had never been to Northstar and, as a result of the tournament, several of those students visited the church the following Sunday.

She said she was a little caught off guard by the great response. “The place was packed!” said Erin, speaking of the approximately 160 people with 12 teams participating in the games.

After a hard fought night of dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and dodging, one team emerged victorious. Congratulations to AJDalamb, the reigning Dodgeball Champions of the WORLD!

Prizes were also given to the team who came with the best uniform/entrance/theme song.

Asked if we can expect Connect to hold another tournament in the future, Erin said, “Most definitely!”