Welcome, students!

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Welcome backThis week, Virginia Tech opens its dorms for the return of students. There are almost 6000 new students arriving on campus! At Northstar, we are overjoyed to be able to minister to collegians and grad students, and we take seriously the opportunity to reach, disciple and encourage students in their faith while in Blacksburg.

We recently heard from a student’s mother who attended our services. She wrote these words:

This week I had the privilege of visiting my son’s church, Northstar church in Blacksburg, the week before most college students move into town, after which church attendance doubles over night. Guess what they were doing? Preparing for this influx. My heart flip-flopped with thankfulness when the pastor excitedly talked about this throng of students being an opportunity! My student is an opportunity, not a burden. What would make a church, that will personally see little from its efforts, do all this work? A couple partially answered this question when they stood up to talk about the college small group they led. While she choked back some tears, her husband said, “This is what happens because they leave in four years”. Wow, they love our kids! And isn’t that just like God to bless them in the process? The service closed with a prayer time where I was able to participate in praying for the campus ministries. I was able to thank the Lord for a church that served students with love and all the students who need this church. Selfishly, I prayed for my own church that will soon be moving down the road from a large university. While we could easily not notice an influx of students due to the large metro area that we live, I asked that we would see them and that God would raise leaders with a vision for serving this group.

If you’re a new or returning student, we encourage you to check our college ministry – Connect. Join us for one of our worship services at 9:00 or 11:00 on Sunday mornings.

Here’s our welcome blitz event schedule: