Help Wanted: A Ministry of Welcome – one card at a time

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BE THE CHURCH, one card at a time…

Soon Northstar will experience a lot of families, students, and young professionals visiting our service for the first time.  Each of these visitors will receive a personal hand written note and a gift card for some free frozen yogurt. These “welcome cards” are part of a larger commitment of the church to help people know that God cares about them and our church does too.

How it works

We need more “card writers!” It’s a wonderful way to be the church and extend our welcome.

  1. We will supply you with Northstar-branded thank you cards and Frosty Parrot gift cards.
  2. You’ll be assigned a few names to write cards to on Monday of each week.
  3. We ask that you get them in the mail no later than Wednesday of that week.

That’s it! Easy peasy!

A Vessel God Can Use

When asked why she writes welcome cards Margery Mullins, one of Northstar’s Welcome Card champions, said:

 “I decided to volunteer for this ministry because I have always enjoyed writing cards and messages, and praying for people.  Because of my job and personal situations, this was a ministry I could do! A few times a month I am sent an email showing visitors to Northstar Church along with their addresses.  I was shown an example of what to write, just saying thank you for visiting the church, hope it was welcoming, enjoy the Frosty Parrot card, etc. And I just take it from there. I usually try to add something unique to each card so the recipient doesn’t feel like the note is a “carbon copy”, and I always try to write neatly so they don’t think I am in a hurry!   One church visitor even sent me a thank you note! I enjoy this ministry because I can encourage people and it makes me feel like a vessel God CAN use!”

If you are interested in helping write welcome cards, please e-mail me and I will contact you with more information.