Two service schedule begins August 19


Fall is just around the corner! On Sunday, August 19, we will begin our two-service format. On Sunday, September 9, we will also begin our 6:00 pm service.

We offer multiple services so that we can reach more people (space is limited sometimes in the BHS auditorium). We hope you’ll find that one of the service opportunities fits your schedule and that you’ll not only attend but find a way to serve on Sundays. In addition, we always encourage our members and guests to invite a friend, and we hope that by having multiple opportunities, it may enable you to better reach another family or friends.

For families with children grades 5 and under, please note that full children’s ministries are offered only at the 9:00 service. This is to help us ensure a quality and consistent children’s ministry on Sundays. We do offer nursery at the 11:00 service for babies.