This Week with Children – Wonderful Things!

Aaron Peck Blog, Children's Ministry

What are those crazy kids up to?

Welcome to This Week in Children’s Ministry, the part of the Northstar website where we take a look at what the kids are learning on Sunday morning and keep you up to date with what’s coming up and what your family can begin looking forward to!


  • Our elementary kids continued learning about this month’s Life App: Respect. This week, they looked at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and the instruction to respect our parents. This also let them look back at the Ten Commandments and the first command with a promise: Honor your father and mother.
  • Bottom Line – You respect God when you respect your parents.
  • This week, think of creative ways you can send your kids a verbal or written message to encourage them.
  • Looking for more ideas? Click here for this month’s Jumpstart Parent Cue.


  • Our preschoolers got to hear all about how God created all the animals in the world. They learned that God takes care of all the animals. And if God can take care of the animals, how much more do you think He’ll take care of us?
  • Bottom Line – God made everything wonderful.
  • This week, encourage your kids to think of all the different kinds of animals that God made. When you’re riding in the car together, challenge them to name as many different animals that they can think of.
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Also, parents, did you know that we have a Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training planned for September 16? It’s happening at 10:00 a.m. at the Northstar Ministry Center. Are you interested in getting involved with the most fun ministry at Northstar? Okay… maybe we’re biased… But we do have so much fun! So if you or someone you know wants to volunteer with Northstar Kids, we hope you’ll join us!