This Week with Children – What God Wants Me To Do


What are those crazy kids up to?

Welcome to This Week in Children’s Ministry, the part of the Northstar website where we take a look at what the kids are learning on Sunday morning and keep you up to date with what’s coming up and what your family can begin looking forward to!


  • Our elementary kids heard about Abraham and the time God called him to pack up his things and move to the land that He promised to give to him and his descendants.
  • Bottom Line – God made you for an adventure.
  • This week, ask your kids what kind of adventure they think God might have in store for them in the next month? the next year? when they grow up?
  • Looking or more ideas? Click here for this month’s JumpstartParent Cue.


  • Our preschoolers heard the story of how Moses’ big sister, Miriam, kept an eye on her baby brother after he was placed into a basket and then put into the Nile River!
  • Bottom Line – I can do what God wants me to do.
  • This week, encourage your kids to think of what God wants them to do. Ask them if they can do what God wants them to do, even when other people aren’t.
  • Looking for more ideas? Click here for this month’s BloomParent Cue.

Parents! Please be in prayer for our annual Northstar Kids’ Camp that’s coming up in only a week! We are so excited about Kids’ Camp and we hope you are, too!

Remember that we will be holding camp on Monday through Thursday, July 17-20, at Nellie’s Cave Park! If you haven’t signed your kids up yet, you can do that right here! Cost is $5.00 per kid to help cover the cost of t-shirts. Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors to this awesome week so that everyone will have the chance to hear about Jesus!

Did you sign up to help out by donating supplies? Be sure to turn those in to the office by this Friday, July 14. Thank you to everyone for your willingness to help us make Kids’ Camp a success this year!

Also, don’t forget about this week’s BIG small Group! For this kids, it will be Water Day! We’ll hear all about how Jesus washes our sins away before heading outside for some fun water-based games. So make sure your kids are ready to get wet!