This Week with Children: Baptisms and God’s Got It!

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What are those crazy kids up to?

Welcome to This Week in Children’s Ministry, the part of the Northstar website where we take a look at what the kids are learning on Sunday morning and keep you up to date with what’s coming up and what your family can begin looking forward to!


  • In Jumpstart, the kids continued learning about this month’s Life App, Determination. Today the children heard about the Armor of God from Ephesians 6:10-18.
  • Bottom Line – God gives you what you need to keep going.
  • This week, remind your kids that it’s worth it to finish what they start.
  • Looking for more ideas? Click here for this month’s Jumpstart Parent Cue.


  • In our Bloom classrooms this week, our kids heard the story of Gideon at battle from Judges 7:9-22.
  • Bottom Line – God’s got it.
  • Looking for more ideas? Click here for this month’s Bloom Parent Cue.

This week was a great week of celebration as Ike and Eve Moy were baptized! Our Blossoms class had  great time marching like Gideon with their torches. Our Jumpstart classes enjoyed small group time together and some fun games.