That Time We Taped the Pastor to the Wall

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If you arrived early for our 9:00 a.m. service last Sunday and took a stroll down the hallway at Blacksburg Middle School, you were probably met with a fairly odd sight. First, you may have noticed a crowd of people gathered near the gym. You may have noticed they were staring at a man who was taped to the wall. Then, you may have noticed that it was not just any man. It was Northstar’s lead pastor, Jeff Noble.

“I seem to have found myself in a sticky situation,” Jeff quipped as people stopped to stare, point, laugh, and take selfies with him. How often do you arrive at church to find your pastor taped to the wall. “I just hope no one thinks I’m stuck up,” he said, never short on puns.

No, Jeff is not considered stuck up by any means. If anything, his willingness to be taped to the wall shows an incredible amount of humility on his part. See, he agreed to do this for the kids of Jumpstart.

Several months ago, our Jumpstart kids were all challenged to begin memorizing scripture on a more consistent basis. In doing this, they were given the incentive that, if they met the goals set before them, they would be able to tape Mr. Jeff to the wall. The idea of seeing anyone taped to the wall, let alone the pastor, proved to be a hilarious notion for our elementary aged kids.

They began with an empty outline of Jeff on a large sheet of butcher paper. Each week, as kids would come in and recite memory verses and turn in cards showing they had been practicing throughout the week, they would add strips of duct tape to that outline. And just as folks holding fundraisers fill in giant thermometers, the Jumpstart kids worked to fill that outline.

Jeff was a great sport about the whole thing and made it clear that he was extremely proud of how far each of the kids had come in studying God’s Word.

“I think Julie should be next, don’t you?” Jeff asked the Jumpstart kids from his position on the wall, speaking of our Children’s Ministry Director. The kids all agreed, but, off to the side, a wide-eyed Julie vehemently shook her head no.

“I have stored up Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” –Psalm 119:11

The Children’s Ministry Team want to sincerely thank each of our Jumpstart families for helping to encourage the kids in this endeavor to hide the Word of God in their hearts. It’s our hope that they will continue to hunger for God’s Word and grow in their relationships with Christ for years to come!