Text Us!


text-to-serveDid you know that you can interact with Northstar via text? Our interactive text portal is 540-427-7724. Here are things you can text us:

  1. “Give” – The first time you text the word “Give” to our number, it will take a 2-minute setup to prep your phone to be able to give through text. But, after that, you can text “Give $5” and it’s immediate.
  2. “Serve” – We’ll respond with a survey link to help place you in an area of ministry at Northstar.
  3. “Membership” – This is your first step to sign up for our Discovering Northstar membership class.
  4. “Feedback” – We want to hear what you think about your Sunday experience! This is an ideal text for guests.
  5. “Pray” – We love praying for you! We’ll send you a quick link for a prayer request you can submit.