Teacher Appreciation


Teacher AppreciationIn the near future, Northstar Church will be able to enjoy a new space in our new ministry center on our property located on Prices Fork Road. Knowing that this will make us close neighbors with Prices Fork Elementary School, we are always on the lookout for ways that we can reach out and be a blessing to our friends in that school.

Most recently, we had the opportunity to show our appreciation to the teachers of Prices Fork Elementary by providing them with personalized gift bags. Each bag contained a pen and notepad, a piece of chocolate, and a handwritten note thanking them for all they do in our community.

Showing teachers in our neighborhood that we appreciate their hard work is just one way that we are able to reach out to our community and be the church in the New River Valley. We encourage you, too, to show the teachers in your local schools how much you appreciate what they do as they shape young minds and future leaders.