PRC Advocacy Training


Did you know that two Northstar members are on staff with the local Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC)?

Debbie Christian, standing up in the picture to the right, is the director of the PRC, and Megan Turner (seated by Debbie) is Client Advocate and Event Manager.  If you knew that, then you also know how important the PRC is to the New River Valley.  The PRC is an amazing platform to share the love of Christ through practical support and service. If you are unfamiliar with the PRC and the incredible impact they have check the out their website.

I recently attended the PRC Advocacy Training to learn the “why,” “what,” and “how” of advocating for the PRC. According to the PRC, “advocates partner with the PRC throughout the year, serving as an advocate of PRC ministry to their group, organization, church, or campus ministry.”

Northstar already supports the PRC financially through the annual Baby Bottle Drive and at least three members hosted a table during the PRC’s Annual Benefit Banquet. But there are many other ways Northstar could support, and learning about these and helping communicate them to the church is a great way to be the church and serve the church.

Are you a future advocate for the PRC at Northstar? 

If you are interested in considering becoming an advocate for Northstar please contact Neal Nelson.