Prayer Focus & Renewal meetings


On February 20-22, Jackie Flake will be back with us! Jackie is the founding pastor of C3 (Cross Community Church) in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We are excited about his availability to come and share with us we focus on the theme of making much of God in prayer. During this series of gatherings, we will be focusing on the centrality of intimacy in prayer which leads to constancy in mission.

Can you imagine what Northstar (or your church and ministry) would look like if its people – members and attenders – were saturated in joyful, dependent, and consistent prayer – both alone and corporately?!!

Here’s the opportunities we’re scheduling:

  • Sunday a.m. – Jackie will preach in both services at Northstar
  • Sunday p.m. – Jackie to speak to the GLAD Mission group (this will be a “closed” group since the participants are helping us support these times; however, staff and admin teams and spouses are welcome)
  • Monday pm (6:30) – Jackie will speak/teach on prayer and we’ll have opportunity for Q&A.
    Location: Holiday Inn conference room on Prices Fork & University.
  • Tuesday pm (7:00) – Jackie will stop by the BCM for the beginning of their 633 gathering, but at 7:00, he’ll speak again on prayer, helping us think strategically and practically about implementing it into the life of our church, families and small groups; again, there will be Q&A, feedback.
    Location: Luci Monroe’s in Christiansburg.

We hope you’ll join on us Sunday morning for this special opportunity. In addition, don’t miss the chance to participate in Monday and Tuesday nights. If you can’t make both, at least come to one! We are working on offering childcare for Monday and Tuesday nights. More info to come.

Please be praying to the Father in the meantime and asking Him to pour out His presence, power and understanding on us for these days. Ask God to anoint and direct Jackie in his preparation. Jackie does not so much need to “come up with some stuff about prayer” as he simply needs to share with us out of an overflow of prayer in his own life.