3 for 3 Prayer

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Hi Church,

Who is praying for you? Who do you know that is praying for you daily? We need intentional prayers in our life.

Paul is aware that he is making it through life because he has people praying for him and the Holy Spirit living in him. (Phil. 1:19) It is a picture of the church enabling every single Christian to make it through life in submission and love with Jesus, because we are praying for one another. — Pastor Jeff

As we set out to create our goals and plans for 2021, pastor Jeff gave us some homework to find 3 prayer buddies for 90 days.

Prayer Buddy Details::

  1. Contact 3 Christians
  2. Ask them pray for you daily for 90 consecutive days
  3. Commit to pray for them daily over the next 90 days too
  4. Weekly check in and provide specific prayer needs
  5. At the end of the 90 days, reflect on what has changed or what you experienced
  6. Continue praying for your friends daily or start again with new friend believers

Suggested Prayers::

  • Grow in faith
  • Learn to enjoy Jesus
  • Come to the perspective that to live is Christ
  • Approach people with humility and not speak from pride, but hope in Jesus.
  • Love God more than any earthly person or thing
  • Be humble and transparent with God and others about their sin.
  • Walk in the freedom of gospel
  • That they will have eyes to see what God is doing in and around them.
  • Ask them


You can listen to this challenge in his sermon on 1/10/2021, 43:08-47:25. dontgo.be/livestream

The staff at Northstar pray for every single prayer request submitted through our howdy cards. How can we prayer for you!? We’d love to prayer over you. Send us your requests