Created & Called: Genesis 22 – Abraham’s Sacrifice

Bible Text: Genesis 22:1-19 | Speaker: Matt Simpson | Series: Created and Called | Matt Simpson shares the story of Abraham and Issac’s journey to the mountain to make a sacrifice to the Lord. Matt compares some of Abraham’s life moments of failure and great faith and relates Abraham’s life to our life as believers today. Abraham displayed complete trust …

Created & Called: Genesis 21 – God’s Perfect Timing

Bible Text: Genesis 21:1-21 | Speaker: Neal Nelson | Series: Created and Called | Neal Nelson goes through Genesis 21:1-7 to show how God fulfilled his promise to Abraham in his perfect timing. Abraham and Sarah have a son named Isaac who is in the line of the future messiah. Neal compares the similarities between Abraham’s son Isaac and God’s …

December Nights – Make Ready

Bible Text: Luke 1 | Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: December Nights | December Nights is here again. Sometimes we are unable to understand what God is doing. Even when we are struggling with lack of fulfillment and the burden of our sins, God can still be using us and working in our lives. We kick off the Christmas season in …

Genesis 15 – Faith

Bible Text: Genesis 15 | Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Created and Called | How can we be made right with God? How can we know that God loves us? It is by faith alone that God makes us righteous. We see this demonstrated this week as we take a look into Genesis 15.

Act 12 – Power of Prayer

Bible Text: Acts 12 | Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Acts As christians we must trust God even when we don’t know what He has planned. As we look at Acts 12, lead pastor Jeff Noble shares about Peter’s imprisonment and miraculous escape. Through this we can see that with constant prayer we can trust in Jesus even in difficult circumstances.

Act 12 – Power of Prayer

September 25, 2016
As christians we must trust God even when we don't know what He has planned. As we look at Acts 12, lead pastor Jeff Noble shares about Peter's imprisonment and…

Think to Change: Rest

Bible Text: Matthew 11:27-30 | Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Think to Change God designed us to be creatures of rest. However, this doesn’t mean that we’re in control. As we move forward into our “Think to Change” series, lead pastor Jeff Noble shows us how we may find rest in Jesus Christ, the source of all life.

Acts 8:26-40 – Responding to God’s Direction

Bible Text: Acts 8:26-40 | Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Acts Often times we have trouble giving full control of our lives to God. As we look at Philip’s transformative encounter with a eunuch in Acts 8, lead pastor Jeff Noble shares some thoughts on how to follow God’s direction and be led by the Spirit.

December Nights: Waiting

Bible Text: Luke 2 | Speaker: Adam Wilson | Series: December Nights As we wrap our special ‘December Nights’ series Adam Wilson looks at what it means to wait on the Lord. Israel had waited so long that the people didn’t even know what to look for anymore, because they were passively waiting instead of actively waiting.

2 Kings 5: Namaan, Grace and the Nations

Bible Text: 2 Kings 5 | Speaker: Neal Nelson | Series: Kings and Chronicles Neal Nelson, Northstar Church’s new associate pastor takes on 1 Kings 5 as we move forward in our Kings and Chronicles series. We look at the story of Namaan being healed and look at the deception of his servant. Neal reminds us to be confident that …