Acts 20:1-17 – Sleeping in Church

March 12, 2017 (Morning Worship) Bible Text: Acts 20:1-17 | Jeff Noble Series: Acts A surreal situation develops in the church at Troas as a youth falls asleep during Paul’s message and then falls to his death from the third floor window. What in the world can we learn about God’s character in such a time? Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon Topics: …

Acts 14: Persevering in Persecution

November 6, 2016 (Morning Worship) Bible Text: Acts 14 | Alex Kacere Series: Acts Persecution takes many forms. Sometimes it’s verbal. Sometimes it’s physical. Christians should be ready to persevere in times of persecution. Alex Kacere teaches on Acts 14 and applies principles from the apostles’ experience of persecution for our lives today. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: persecution,perseverance