Covenant Renewal 2017, Part 3 – Knowing Jesus

October 8, 2017 Bible Text: Philippians 3:7-14 | Jeff Noble Series: Covenant Renewal In Philippians 3, we learn that knowing Jesus was Paul’s highest aspiration. That quality is what makes a church great and what knits together the hearts of a congregation. This message outlines the core values of Northstar on its Covenant Renewal Sunday 2017. Download FilesMP3NotesBulletin

Covenant Renewal 2017, Part 2: Christian Unity in a Divisive Culture

October 1, 2017 (Morning Worship) Bible Text: John 17:20-26 | Jeff Noble Series: Covenant Renewal Two of our commitments as church members are to protect the unity of the church AND to tell others about Jesus Christ. The prayer of Jesus in John 17:20-26 has profound implications for Christian unity in a divisive culture. Download FilesMP3NotesBulletin Sermon Topics: unity

Covenant Renewal 2017, Part 1

September 25, 2017 (Morning Worship) Bible Text: Luke 10:17-24 | Jeff Noble Series: Covenant Renewal Salvation is more important than service. And yet we are called to serve others in the name of Jesus. What should be our proper heart posture in service? Learn how to base your joy on Jesus and not on serving others or their responses to …

Covenant Renewal 2016

October 2, 2016 (Morning Worship) Jeff Noble Series: Covenant Renewal Northstar is a covenant membership church. This message shares the biblical anchors of our church and revisits the covenant our members make with one another. It’s an ideal message for guests and visitors to grasp the core values of Northstar as well as hear a clear presentation of how Northstar …