Building a Discipleship Culture, 1
July 3, 2011

Building a Discipleship Culture, 1

This video is the first in our summer series of 2011 to equip and train our church to be disciple makers. The discussion guide for the video is also posted.

Click below for discussion guide…

Discipleship Culture 1


What is the mission of the church?
What is a disciple of Jesus Christ?
What do you think every disciple of Jesus should be doing?

Small groups
First, ask your group for thoughts and comments about the video material (not it’s quality or cheesiness)? Encourage them to interact, and allow the group to chase a few rabbits, provided that they’re in the same general area of discipleship.

Some notes from video:

A disciple is someone who believes, behaves and is becoming like Jesus.
Discipleship is leading people to know and love Christ (head), adjust their lives to His will and Word (heart), and to commit to God’s mission in our world (hands).


What does a mature disciple of Jesus look like?
If Northstar wants to be obedient to Jesus and “make disciples” (Matthew 28.19), what are some things that every member needs to understand and practice?
What do you think needs to happen to help every member, regular attended and guest understand our commitment to pursuing spiritual maturity?