God’s Compassion Compels Compassion

Bible Text: Jonah 4 | Speaker: Matt Simpson | Series: Jonah: The Prodigal Prophet | God calls us to compassion, even for those it seems impossible to show grace to. In this sermon, we see how Jonah was called to show compassion to the Ninevites, despite how wicked they were. Even in his refusal, God was pursuing both grace for …

Little Pictures of Big Grace

Bible Text: Jonah 3 | Speaker: Darrell Cook | Series: Jonah: The Prodigal Prophet | In our faith walks, in order to grow as a Christian, it is important for us to realize that repentance is essential. True repentance allows us to overflow with God’s grace, so that we might bless others.

Genesis 6-9: Noah, the Ark & Flood

Bible Text: Genesis 6, Genesis 7, Genesis 8, Genesis 9 | Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Created and Called The flood and God’s wrath, God’s promise and faithfulness. We look into scripture’s account of Noah’s Ark. Noah was a preacher of righteousness, but what does it mean to be righteous? We can know all the lingo, but walking with the …

Genesis 6:1-8 – Wickedness in the World

Bible Text: Genesis 6:1-8 | Speaker: Jeff Noble | Series: Created and Called Humanity continues to slip away and the Devil continues to seek destruction, yet God continues to show grace. We take a look at a short, yet very rich section of Genesis.