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This sermon looks at how we are not citizens primarily of the nation we live in, but of the Kingdom of God. Because of that, we must stand firm in…
This sermon looks at how full faith in Christ, and living in full relationship with Christ will lead to an awareness of the holy spirit abiding within you, courage in…
In Paul's imprisonment, intended to prohibit him from sharing the news of Jesus Christ, the gospel was instead advanced through the boldness it inspired in those that followed Paul's mission,…
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"Humility is subverted when we nurture anxiety in our lives."
"The joy of the Lord is our strength."
In the last of the mini-series on "Jeff's favorite scriptures," we look at how Jesus urged us to pray always and not give up. Learn what persistence in prayer means…
While taking a look back at this past year at Northstar, Jeff examines Galatians 1:10 and the idea of "people pleasing". He notes that since we are created by God…

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