Passion Week Devotionals: Palm Sunday (April 13)


Passion Week 2014 Digital Card copy

by Cody Davenport, Worship and Creative Arts director at our Blacksburg campus

Matt 21:1-11
(Zechariah 9:9)

Palm Sunday was no doubt an exciting day. The people of Israel finally saw their King coming. They were so hopeful. But less than a week later the shouts were changed from ‘Hosannah’ to ‘crucify.’ The Israelites were worshiping Jesus for what they thought He was going to do, not for who He was, the Son of God.

It is easy for us to look back in judgement on Jerusalem and their ‘wish-washiness,’ but we are also just as flippant. We often go to church and sing our songs of worship and that’s all it is; a song, a shout, a hand raise, but worship is meant to be a lifestyle.

As we kick off this special week, take time to truly worship Jesus. Thank God for fulfilling His promises, every time. Thank Jesus for humbling himself to ride on a donkey into a town knowing full well what was coming. Thank Him for having grace with you, especially when your week starts with praise and ends with bitterness.


How have you seem God fulfill promises in your life?
How can you make worship be more then just a Sunday morning thing?

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