Slanket Sermon 2018

Jeff Noble Blog

On March 24, 2018, the New River Valley had over 12″ of snow dumped on it! Unfortunately, this meant we had to cancel church services on Palm Sunday, March 25. We were sad to not get to worship and celebrate together, but snow days at Northstar mean Slanket Sermons from Jeff!

We encourage you to watch the Slanket Sermon and share it with friends. Here are some other practical things that you can do in response to the message and participate in church life this week:

  • DEVOTIONALS: Read the Passion Week devotionals on our website each day to prepare you for Easter.
  • GIVE: If you were planning on giving at church today, you can do so online here. You can also text “Give $100” (or any other amount) to 540-427-7724.
  • INVITE. Stop by the church office this week and pick up our Easter invite cards. Easter is consistently one of those unique seasons in which people are very open to attending a church service if invited personally.
  • REVIEW. Feel free to review Jeff’s notes from the message here.

Watch the Slanket Sermon: